Four hundred years of integration between Chinese and Western history and culture has made Macao a magnificent place today, with its old historic center, grand churches, quiet streets, gambling casinos and mouth-watering food. Here, we  recommend you the top 10 things to do in Macau  .

1. Take a peek at a luxurious casino

Known as the “Las Vegas of the East”, Macau is famous for its gambling and has many casinos. Even if you’re not interested in gambling, the grandeur of this casino is worth seeing and photographing, especially when the lights are on at night.

 For those who want to take a chance on their luck, just go ahead…and remember not to get addicted to it.

Most casinos are located in hotels and resorts. Even if you are not interested in gambling, you can enjoy shopping, boating and watching amazing entertainment programs there. Here are some famous casinos in Macau:

  • Grand Lisboa Casino – one of the most famous casinos
  • The Venetian Macau – the world’s largest casino resort
  • Wynn Palace – As its name suggests, it is grand and elegant
  • City of Dreams – One of the largest and best designed casinos
  • Sands Macau – Macau’s first Las Vegas-style casino

2. Explore the historical center of Macau

Macau’s historic center is the oldest, largest, best-preserved and most concentrated architectural complex of Eastern and Western styles existing in China. All the architectural structures in the center are close to each other as they are within walking distance.

It includes the oldest church and monastery ruins in China, the oldest Christian cemetery, the oldest Western-style battery complex, the first Western-style theater, the first modern lighthouse, and the first Western-style university.

  • A-Ma Temple is the oldest Taoist temple in Macau. The temple is dedicated to Mazu, who can help traders and fishermen overcome the dangers of rough seas.
  • The Ruins of St. Paul was the largest church in Macau and combined European and Eastern architectural styles. Unfortunately, it burned down in 1835, leaving only its large and beautiful facade and front staircase.
  • Monte Fort is the largest remaining ancient structure and houses the Macao Museum. The 100 by 100 meter stone fort has sunset and casino views from above.
  • Senado Square is one of the four main squares in Macau and one of the best places to see the old area of ​​Macau. You will find exquisite pastel colored buildings, shops and restaurants there.

3. Visit interesting museums

Although Macao is a small island, there are more than 20 museums with different themes such as art and culture, religious beliefs and traditional customs. They represent the wonderful and diverse culture of Macau. People can perceive the city from different angles.

  • Macau Museum : You can learn about everything from past colonial history and culture to the latest architecture and urban planning for the region.
  • Maritime Museum : You can learn about Macau’s maritime history as well as ancient Chinese shipbuilding methods and overseas discoveries.
  • Macau Wine Museum: This includes a section on the history of wine production, a wine collection section and a wine exhibition section.
  • Grand Prix Museum: Exhibiting more than 20 cars that once competed in a Grand Prix
  • Fire Services Museum: Exhibiting old fire engines, old fire helmets, fire uniforms and all kinds of ancient firefighting equipment used in the early days of Macau
  • Taipa Houses-Museum: This is a museum of Portuguese colonial houses. The distinctive furniture, room decor and old photos on the walls give you a good idea of ​​how the colonials lived back then.

4. Satisfy your taste buds with Macau food

Macau’s cuisine is a blend of Chinese and Portuguese, and over the centuries Macau people have developed their own food style using local and imported ingredients. There are many types of baked Macanese foods such as cakes, breads and tarts.

5. Leave your footprints on Hak Sa (Black Sand) Beach

Hack Sa Beach is located on the south side of Cologne. It got its name because of its distinctive smooth black sand. In recent years, however, the beach has been eroding so the Macau government has filled in some yellow sand to prevent it from disappearing. You can have a peaceful time there.

It is very pleasant to look out over the calm bay, step on the soft black sand and be bathed by the sea breeze. If you go there at night, you will get a chance to see the beautiful stars shining in the sky. There are many activities such as camping, swimming and enjoying a barbecue.

6. Take a romantic walk with your loved one along the Travessa da Paixão

Travessa da Paixão is about 50 meters long and has a history of more than 80 years. The buildings on both sides are European-style, painted in red and yellow with a romantic atmosphere. According to Macau folklore, if you pass through an alley, you will soon fall in love. Many couples are seen taking their wedding photos while walking down the aisles.

7. Feel your heart beat faster at Macau Tower

Macau Tower is the tenth tallest landmark in the world with a height of 338 meters. There is a very challenging activity: bungee jumping. Jump from a height of over 200 meters and hit the ground at speeds of up to 200 kmph to get your adrenaline pumping. If you’re not up for the challenge of bungee jumping, you can test your nerves on the Skywalk.

If you are not interested in such exciting adventures, other activities await you: sightseeing, cinema, revolving restaurant, shops and game machines.

8. Enjoy the night view of Macau on the Figure-8 Ferris Wheel

The Golden Reel is the world’s first figure-8 Ferris wheel. It is 130 meters high, taking about 15 minutes to complete one ride. When night falls, the Ferris wheel emits a golden light, making it look like two hot planets are colliding from outside the building. You can enjoy the most beautiful night view of Macau in the science fiction-themed viewing carriage.

9. See the pandas at the Giant Panda Pavilion

These interesting and unusual animals live in a luxurious house with other animals in a small zoo in Siek Pi Van Park. Watch pandas chop bamboo, walk, roll and laze on the rocks. It is a good place for children.

10. Visit Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

Macau Fisherman’s Wharf is a theme park. Wandering through the park you’ll feel like you’re walking the streets of ancient Rome, and the next second you’ll feel like you’re walking through a Tang Dynasty palace. There are also several themed restaurants and bars.


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