When it comes to Macau, choosing a gift can be difficult due to the range of exceptional goods produced here. 

From its luscious pastries to vintage wines, from trendy clothes to intricate woodwork, every souvenir will reflect the harmonious blend of Eastern and Western cultures at this place.

 So check out our curated shopping list below of the eight best souvenirs you can bring back home from a trip to one of Macau’s most vibrant cities.

1. Baked Goodies

A sweet-toothed delight visiting Macau is the variety of desserts it offers in its small bakeries. From cookies to pastries, every baked item is a hit among tourists for their delicious and unique taste. One such delicacy is their almond cookies.

 Soft and crunchy in your mouth, Macau almond cookies have a special way of making them and serve as a great souvenir from your trip.

 So go for their cashew cookies and peanut brittle. Packed in designer moldings and adorable little tins, this is one of the cutest souvenirs from Macau.

Where to get it:
Koi Kei Bakery- 27 outlets are spread across Macau Pastelaria Fong Kei in the area of ​​Senedo Square and Rua de S. Paulo and 14 Rua do Cunha shops.

2. Loving Macauche T-Shirt

‘Loving Macau’ is an online shopping destination to promote their friendly culture and rich traditions. Bringing together local artisans to create high-quality products for tourists, Loving Macau is a well-known brand for the perfect souvenir from Macau. 

Simple but cool tees and hoodies with ‘Made in Macau’ or ‘I’m Macanese’ or ‘Macau, not Hong Kong’, available in various colors and sizes. Not only do they have their own clothing range, they also have customized bags, caps and keychains.

Where to get it:  Since Loving Macau doesn’t have any brand stores, you can only buy their products online from their website.

3. Traditional Portuguese wine

While touring the cities of Macau, you will feel the Portuguese influence not only on their culture but also on their wine cellars. Whether small or high-end, many pubs and restaurants stock aged Portuguese port wines in their collections. 

In fact, the country even has a wine museum with a tasting station that lets you taste samples from their vintage collection. Therefore, gifting someone a bottle of classic port wine makes for a charming souvenir. You can also collect a duty-free bottle from airport stalls.   

Where to get it:  Supermarkets, bars and restaurants

4. MacNeese postcards and keychains

Cute little items like keychains, fridge magnets, pins and stickers are a new attraction for consumers looking for the perfect souvenir in Macau. 

So many souvenir shops in Macau’s bustling markets now produce such customized items. Pictures of famous landmarks, or heavenly egg tarts, or simply written ‘I love Macau’, you can find quirky keychains that celebrate different aspects of Macau’s vibrant culture. 

Designer postcards depicting Macau’s grand monuments and picturesque heritage sites are also widely bought.     

Where to get it:
Senado Square’s local market; Shop at 1/F Cunha Bazaar, Rua do Cunhamkau Creations- T1, Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment CenterOnline ‘Loving Macau’ website.

5. Chinese Antiquities

No, not original relics. But you can undoubtedly buy replicas and reproduction versions of Chinese antiques to add a traditional touch to your home interior. 

Slowly gaining popularity among tourists, the fascinating details and intricate carvings of these artefacts make them a good buy. 

Be it porcelain, or ancient coins, or vivid murals, or scripts carved in Chinese calligraphy, or rosewood carvings; All these items make for attractive and attractive souvenirs from Macau.

Where to get it  : Rua de São Paulo, Rua de Tercena and the streets near the ruins of the Saint Paul Flea Market in Bomberos Square.

6. Peanut Candy

Another traditional Mackenzie delight is peanut candies. Packed in attractive packets of various sizes, these nibbles have a crunchy and tasty taste that is loved by adults and youngsters alike. With a base of crunchy peanuts, these candies are usually coated with black sesame or shredded coconut or sea salt. 

Where to get it:  Koi Kei Bakery- 27 outlets spread across Macau

7. Meat Jerks

Cured with salt, sweetened with sugar and cut into rectangular pieces, the meat jerky is Macau’s tasty delight. Usually made with pork or beef, marinating the meat in sauces and spices gives it a unique combo of sweet and spicy. 

Fortunately, bakeries in Macau have mastered balancing its delicious taste. So, while visiting any local sweet shop, you will see huge quantities of meat being sold in decorative packets.

Where to get it:  Koi Kei Bakery- 27 outlets spread across the Lamakau Shops near Senado Square and St. Paul’s Ruins.

8. Custard Egg Tarts

A famous recipe for egg tarts has traveled from the patisseries of Portugal to the streets of Macau. Baked hot in the oven, these creamy and buttery delights are a specialty dessert in Macau and have been popular with tourists for over two decades now. 

Egg custard creates a fluffy core while a crunchy top of hard caramel fills the flaky crusts of this sweet dessert. The sweet taste of its shells is preserved and packaged in a way that makes them suitable for travel.

Where to get them:
1 Lord Stowe Bakery on Rua do Tassara, Cologne Town SquareMargaret’s Café e Nata- Pastry Shop at 17B R. do Cmte. Mata e OliveiraKoi Kei Bakery- has 27 outlets spread in Macau

Buying souvenirs means buying memories. Sometimes, it’s to bring a part of that trip back with you. Sometimes, it is to gift a famous piece of art of the place to your loved ones. 

Now that you have an idea of ​​what to buy and where to shop, all that’s left for you to do is make room in your suitcase to accommodate all the fun finds and souvenirs in Macau!


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