10 Foods You Can’t Miss in Macau

When traveling, food is just as much of an attraction as the historical and cultural sites. A similar situation exists in Macau, an autonomous region in southern China. The city has many dishes to try, some of which are considered culinary signatures. Here’s a start: 1. Portuguese Egg Tart The Portuguese egg tart is Macau’s most famous … Read more

A complete list of souvenirs in Macau

When it comes to Macau, choosing a gift can be difficult due to the range of exceptional goods produced here.  From its luscious pastries to vintage wines, from trendy clothes to intricate woodwork, every souvenir will reflect the harmonious blend of Eastern and Western cultures at this place.  So check out our curated shopping list … Read more

6 Unique Animals in Macao to Celebrate World Wildlife Day

To celebrate World Wildlife Day, join us in exploring Macao’s breathtaking biodiversity, from the endangered Chinese white dolphin to freshwater crabs you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Every year on March 3, World Wildlife Day pays tribute to the inspiring wild flora and fauna that exist on our planet, while raising awareness of … Read more

Top 10 Things to Do in Macau

Four hundred years of integration between Chinese and Western history and culture has made Macao a magnificent place today, with its old historic center, grand churches, quiet streets, gambling casinos and mouth-watering food. Here, we  recommend you the top 10 things to do in Macau  . 1. Take a peek at a luxurious casino Known as the “Las … Read more