Top places to visit in Greece

The beauty of Greece needs no introduction. The Greek gods designed their country to perfection. There are many tourist places to visit in Greece  which are simply amazing.Beautiful landscape and There are sights that will mesmerize you, delicacies and beverages that will delight your foodie soul, and locals who will enthrall you with their stories and local folklore.  … Read more

What is Greece famous for?

What is Greece famous for? Here are 18 things Greece is famous for, including beautiful islands, mythology, UNESCO sites, great food, and more! Birthplace of democracy and cradle of Western civilization – two phrases used to describe Greece and its influence on the world for two thousand years! This small country in the south of Europe … Read more

Beautiful islands in Greece you want to visit

Greece is one of those countries that you will never get tired of visiting. With thousands of small islands and a magnificent mainland, it’s a place that gets better with every trip. That’s why a trip to some of the most beautiful islands in Greece is a must. From stunning islands like Kefalonia, to larger (and gorgeous) … Read more

famous greek folk

This section provides information on famous Greek people. There cannot be a website about the history of Greecethat does not refer to the most famous Greek people and personalities who made this small country famous all over the world for their achievements and philosophies. This section is dedicated to providing biographies of the most famous Greeks … Read more

Wild animals in Greece

I have always been fascinated by animals and how they can be so different from one country to another. In this guide, we’ll focus on the many animals that live on land, in the sky, and under water in Greece. I have divided the guide into 4 categories: Animals native to Greece Greece is a European … Read more

Rebel Wilson Says This Exercise Helped Her Lose Weight and Get Healthier

Rebel Wilson, 41, embarked on her self-proclaimed “year of health” in 2020, and it looks like she hasn’t slowed down one bit. Over the last two years, the actress and producer lost 77 pounds and has openly talked about her diet, fertility journey and staying body positive. She even shared some lighter moments (like this hilarious workout video using vodka bottles). But … Read more

10 Foods You Can’t Miss in Macau

When traveling, food is just as much of an attraction as the historical and cultural sites. A similar situation exists in Macau, an autonomous region in southern China. The city has many dishes to try, some of which are considered culinary signatures. Here’s a start: 1. Portuguese Egg Tart The Portuguese egg tart is Macau’s most famous … Read more

A complete list of souvenirs in Macau

When it comes to Macau, choosing a gift can be difficult due to the range of exceptional goods produced here.  From its luscious pastries to vintage wines, from trendy clothes to intricate woodwork, every souvenir will reflect the harmonious blend of Eastern and Western cultures at this place.  So check out our curated shopping list … Read more